Badriya's keeping hold of 'talented' husband Naser Al Qasabi

Published April 25th, 2012 - 06:38 GMT
Famous Saudi couple, writer Badriya Bashar and actor Naser Al-Qasabi
Famous Saudi couple, writer Badriya Bashar and actor Naser Al-Qasabi

The Saudi female writer Badriya Al Bashar plays down the rumors that her marriage has been strained by Arabs Got Talent.

Several rumors have been doing the rounds recently about Saudi TV star and “Arabs Got Talent” judge Naser Al Qasabi, saying that his relationship with his wife,  Saudi writer Badriya Al-Bashar, is deteriorating after his role in the currently airing show. What is rumored to be eroding away at the marriage is the husband's proximity to female judge, Najwa Karam whom he constantly sits by.

To add salt to the reported festering marital wound, a Moroccan contestant recently confessed her love for the Saudi comedic screen star.

The huge volumes of comments on trending star-gossip central, social 'buster', Twitter, that comment on Badriya's alleged jealousy forced her to confirm, in her latest interview with “Laha” magazine, that she would never leave her husband. She stated that his sense of humor made her laugh from the bottom of her heart, especially that old joke where he asks for her permission to get married to another woman. A particularly poignant suggestion, given Saudi society where polygamy is permissable and encouraged. The Kingdom's culture finds second third and fourth marriages not uncommon for men who are sanctioned in Saudi Arabia to marry their share of up to four.

She added that Naser is the first person she runs to whenever she feels sad or faces a problem. Her husband always has a knack for making her laugh when he pulls out the 'other woman' teaser: "When will you come to your senses and allow me to marry another woman; What have you got to lose?” This satisfied most as proof that she couldn't live without him, or share him with any other woman, in an echo of the famous maxim for Western wives or indeed women: "can't live wiht them, can't live without them." 

Badriya added in a nostalgic afterthought that the dates of milestones that could never forget included: the date of her marriage, the date of her graduation and the date she gave birth.


Your comments on jealousy and celebrities! Do you expect shows like Arabs Got Talent to put a strain on the hosting celebs and judges' marital lives? 



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