BLACKPINK Release Their Newest Album

Published September 18th, 2022 - 06:40 GMT
BLACKPINK Release Their Newest Album
BLACKPINK 's 2nd Album [BORN PINK] is out now!

BLACKPINK released their second full album "BORN PINK" on the 16th.

Starting with the title song "Shut Down," "Pink Venom," which was pre-released last month, "Typa Girl," "Yeah Yeah Yeah," "Hard to Love," "The Happiest Girl," and "Ready for Love".

Jisoo said, "I'm very excited because it's an album I worked on for a long time," adding, "I'm most curious about fans' reaction." 

Jenni stated, "I'm very satisfied because it's filled with works created by sharing musical synergy."
Rosé shared, "This album tried to express the essence of BLACKPINK like the title 'Born Pink'. We kept trying new things while maintaining BLACKPINK's original identity."
Lisa added, "We are preparing new stages that you can't imagine, so I hope you come and enjoy seeing them in person."

BLACKPINK's 'Shut Down' also topped Spotify's global chart

According to YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK's second full-length album "BORN PINK" title song "Shut Down" topped the Spotify Daily Top Song Global Chart.

"Shut Down" was streamed more than 6.6 million times on the 16th, the first day of its release.

"Pink Venom," which was pre-released last month, ranked second on the same chart, and all of the top 30 songs, including "Typa Girl," "Hard to Love," "Yeah Yeah Yeah," "The Happy Girl," and "Tally" and "Ready For Love," were included in the top 30.



Written by Sondos Swed


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