Celebrating 59 Years of Johnny Depp With 59 Fun Facts About The Hollywood Star

Published June 9th, 2022 - 10:20 GMT
Happy Birthday to the King of Hollywood Johnny Depp
Happy Birthday to the King of Hollywood Johnny Depp
fact Number 49 is too Funny!

​Johnny Depp turned 59 on June 9th, and this would be his first birthday after winning the defamation trial against ex wife Amber Heard.
Albawaba is celebrating Johnny Depp's birthday by collecting 59 fun facts about the Pirates of The Caribbean star.

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1. John Christopher Depp was born on June 9, 1963 in Owensboro Kentucky, USA.

2. He is a brother to 3 siblings, Debbie, Christie, and Daniel.

3. Johnny Depp is is of primarily English descent, with some French, German, and Irish ancestry


4. He was allergic to chocolate when he was younger.

5. Depp was named Sexiest Man Alive in 2009 by People magazine.
6. The actor is the 20th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.
7. Depp has many accents which were affected by the huge number of roles from different backgrounds, the dominant accent sounds British, but he's been known to slip in and out of other accents like Australian and Irish.

8. Johnny had a violent family life, with an abusive mother.
9. The actor had a very tough life leading to hurting himself often, resulting in scars he has till now.
10. He used to sell pens for a telemarketing firm.
11. A thief was about to mug Johnny, until he realized that it was the actor, 'I ain't stealing from Captain Jack' said the robber, Depp ended up giving the burglar money.

12. Johnny Depp was engaged to co-actress Winona Ryder in 1999.
13. The actor eventually had her name tattooed 'Winona Forever'.
14. The couple broke up in 1993, Depp changed the tattoo to 'Wino Forever'.

15. Johnny suffers from near-sightedness since birth and is nearly blind in his left eye.
16. Depp donated all money earned from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus to late Heath Ledger's daughter Matilda Ledger.

18. Between 1998 and 2012, Johnny was in a relationship with Vanessa Paradis.
17. Johnny Depp has two children with Vanessa, Lily-Rose and Jack Depp.
18. In 2007, Lily Rose suffered an illness resulting in her kidneys to shut down.
19. After his daughter survived, Johnny went to the hospital where Lily-Rose was treated and donated 2 million dollars.

20. When Johnny was 15, he dropped out of school aiming to become a rock star.
21. Johnny changed his mind and tried to enroll back to school, but the principle refused, advising Depp to pursue his musical career.
22. During the early 1990s, Depp began playing the guitar for a defunct rock band named P.

23. Johnny Depp plans on having his cremated remains poured into a cask of whiskey, and requests every attendee at his funeral take a sip of it.
24. He used to train lizards as pets and teach them to perform tricks.
25. Depp has been arrested twice; in 1994 he trashed a New York hotel room, and in 1999 he fought with paparazzi in London.

26. Depp has actually played guitar for Oasis, Marilyn Manson, and Aerosmith.
27. Johnny Depp has been married twice Lori Anne Allison, 1983-1985, his last wife was Amber Heard whom he stayed married to from 2015-2017.
28. Johnny Depp openly admits he has a strange obsession with the infamous Jack the Ripper.
29. he was offered the lead role in the movie “Speed” in 1994. He turned down the role.

30. Depp is related to the first African woman to free herself from slavery.
31. Nicholas Cage introduced Johnny Depp to his agent, which started his acting career.
32. Disney fired Johnny Depp while making “The Pirates Of The Caribbean” because of the domestic abuse allegations made by Amber Heard.

33. He proposed to each of his girlfriends: Jennifer Grey, Sherilyn Fenn, and Winona Ryder. However, none of the engagements lasted.
34. Johnny made a decision to never repeat the same characters but to always challenge himself with new and different roles to play, until Jack Sparrow came along.


35. Depp and Tim Burton have worked together eight times
36. The actor has never won an Oscar. He has been nominated for the Best Actor Oscar three times
37. Johnny Depp actually has a fossil named after him.
38. His favorite toys to share with his daughter were Barbie dolls
39. notorious crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger refused to befriend Depp.
40. Depp has revealed that he’s struggled with addiction and alcoholism for his whole life.

41. Johnny Depp met actress Amber Heard for the first time on the set of the film The Rum Diary.
42. Depp proposed to Heard on Christmas Eve 2013
43. Heard filed for divorce on May 25, 2016, and asked for a temporary restraining order at the same time.
44. Heard claimed that Depp had been verbally and physically abusive.
45. The pair eventually reaching an agreement where Depp paid Heard a $7 million settlement.
46. Amber lied about wanting to donate the money and ended up keeping Johnny's money.
47. Depp had Heard's name tattooed

48. His knuckles had the words “Slim,” for his nickname for Heard.
49. He changed the words to say “Scum” before changing the “u” into an anarchy symbol and therefore the whole tattoo to read “Scam.”
50. Johnny Depp and Kate Moss dated for about four years in the 1990s.

51. Amid his divorce from Heard, a trial was conducted, where Heard alleged Depp abused her.
52. In the Trial He submitted evidence that proves Heard was the abusive while he was the victim.
53. Depp ended up winning the trial.
54. Kate Moss has testified that her ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp never abused her.
55. Depp claims that he lost the tip of his finger when Heard flung two liquor bottles at him during an altercation
56. He once adopted a horse named 'Goldeneye', who played Gunpowder.

57. Johnny speaks French and English

58. Johnny Depp considers the number 3 as his lucky number. He has a tattoo of the number 3 between his thumb and index finger.

59. Johnny Depp was last seen on the big screen in Minamata

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