CLUB ARABIA Volume 5 out

Published October 24th, 2008 - 04:00 GMT

Great news for all Arabic music lovers….


Here comes your favorite collection: Club Arabia with its 5th volume just ON TIME!


Club Arabia has rightly stamped itself as one the greatest collections. It’s the start of a festive season and the market is never more ready for such a massive release.


As its predecessors this new collection will certainly set the charts ablaze and be one of the best selling compilations for 2009.

As usual Club Arabia is a double disc collection that includes THE biggest Arabic pop and lounge/dance hits OF ALL TIME!


The content in Club Arabia 5 is yet even hotter than ever before with 1 disc featuring the coolest tunes in lounge music and the other with smashing Arabic pop/Dance tracks from the likes of Nancy, Amr Diab , Ehab Tawfik, George Wassouf, REG Project  etc… just to mention a few..


This album is selected and mixed by the legendary DJ Laith Bazari who has been since the nineties THE DJ of the fashionable ultra cool franco-anglo-arabo Jet Set and the praised Master of Ceremonies at the best and hippest oriental inspired international dance floor parties.


- Rich content, 38 tracks and 2:30 hours play time!

Tracks list:


1- Nicos / Secret Love
2- Shah Lounge / Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
3- Maya Shane / Histoire d’un amour
4- Abi-l Beka / Ozgur Sakar
5- Whispers from Arabia / Whilst You Are Going to Uskudar
6- Amr Diab /Tamally Maak
7- Nicos / Muwashah
8- Kadim Al Saher / Domni Ala Sadrak
9- Omar Bashir / Bint Al Chalabia
10- Husnu Senlendirici / Fla-Mango Fla Manco
11- Omar Bashir / Granada
12- Murat Sakaryali / Alli Garah
13- Darine Hadchiti / Mawwal
14- Ibrahim Maalouf / Missin’Ya

(Night In Tunisia)

15- Naked Rhythm / Babylon
16- Cay Taylan / Dera Sor
17- REG project / Catwalk (Habibi)
18- Gene Katsuro / Shlonak CD 2: POP
1- Malik Adouane / Ya Rayah
2- Essam Karika / Hetet Bet
3- Zafer Haznedaroglu / Sina Nari
4- Dania / Yalla Bina
5- Cheba Maria / Celibataire
6- Turkeylicious / Hizzi Remix “Hep Hup Remix”
7- Roger Abboud / Talat Ya Mahla Nourha
8- Louie / Oasis
9- Said Mrad / One Thousand and One Nights “Alf Leyla Wlayla” 2007 Mix
10- REG Project / Min Gheir Leh “Radio Mix”
11- Naked Rhythm / Moon Over Ala Nar
12- Roger Abboud / Daret Al Ayam
13- Shah Lounge / Akzeb Aaleik
14- Malik Adouane / Sidi Mansour
15- Douzi / Laki Kalbi
16- Elie Attieh / Khidni Habibi “House Music”
17- George Wassouf / Salamatak Biyad Allah “2008 remix”
18- Ehab Tawfik / Ahla Menhom
19- Nancy Ajram /Ya Tab Tab
20- Amir Sofi / Isis


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