Dolly Shahine's skimpy dress scandalizes the Brotherhood's 'Party' music concert

Published January 28th, 2013 - 09:16 GMT
Dolly Shahine A slur upon the Muslim Brotherhood
Dolly Shahine A slur upon the Muslim Brotherhood
A music concert hosted by the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood? Whatever were they thinking, you might wonder.
After pictures surfaced of Dolly Shahine in a barely there black dress snapped up during her performance for the Hurghada Tourism Festival, held by The Freedom and Justice Party, the MB's political 'party' had a lot to answer for. Now the Islamic politicians are under fire for hiring the Lebanese singer to sing and dance in their good name.
Dolly, much to the incredulity of most of the audience who had expected something quite different from the traditionally stuffy Islamic party, appeared in a see-through black number, lined with a risque nude slip. The skimpy dress revealed more thigh and cleavage than the paragons of virtue could defend, and sparked censure by those quick to suggest that Dolly was not one of the Islamic party's finest choices.
Dolly's performance, buttressed by the Party's slogans, made for an incongruous spectacle that further invited scorn and mockery to the stage and later to the net.
Slews of scoffing viewers took to the social networks to register their mostly scathing view points on the Dolly Shahine debacle, with such sarcastic highlights as "She was singing religious songs", "Is this how I can become a member of the Freedom and Justice Party?" and, "Is this a renaissance or is this a renaissance?!". 
Some, perhaps trying to see the best in their Islamic comrades challenged the credibility of the photos, alleging that they were photoshopped. 
What do you think? Was Dolly Shahine a suitable entertainment-piece choice for the Muslim Brotherhood's party? Should they be putting on concerts featuring sexy Lebanese singers? Or do you think entertainment should be judged by a different yardstick?

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