Belly-dancing drama during Ramadan?

Published June 24th, 2012 - 11:26 GMT
Don't expect this much skin and sin during the month of Ramadan.
Don't expect this much skin and sin during the month of Ramadan.

As Islamic political parties take a lead in Egypt’s political scene, drama makers decided to make dancers in their works more conservative in terms of costumes to avoid complications with having major censorship performed on scenes.

A number of dramas that are to be aired during the coming Ramadan season contain numerous  dance scenes as part of their storylines. Among them is the drama starring Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe “Mawlid Wa Sahbo Ghayeb”, in which Haifa plays the role of belly dancer.  To the relief of the censors and dismay of some of her fans, in this drama, all the dance costumes Haifa wears are very conservative.

A second production is set for the Egyptian actress Wafa Amer in which she portrays the life of one of Egypt’s legendary belly dancers, Taheyya Kareokka. Wafa said that all the dance costumes she wears in the drama are extremely conservative and she insists that her refusal to wear revealing outfits was not out of fear of the bearded Islamists. Rather, her frumpy and safe outfits are as a sign of respect to the holy month of Ramadan. Wafa said that the entire drama contains only five dance scenes.

Wafaa Amer stressed that Tahia’s life was not all about belly dancing, but rather there are significant political and humanitarian aspects that will be highlighted throughout the drama.

According to the London based online news portal Elaph, Jordanian actress  Mais Hamdan  will also be playing the role of a dancer in her new drama “Al Nar Wa Al Tin” (Fire and Mud). Mais said that her role is about a young woman whose harsh living conditions force her to become a dancer in order to support herself and her family. She added that her character comes from a very conservative village in Egypt that requires her to perform her dancing wearing very conservative costumes.

Egyptian controversial belly dancer Dina will also be playing the role of a dancer in the new drama “Ah Al Hawa”. Dina said she was surprised to see so much emphasis placed on the profession of dancing and stressed that dancing is like any other profession and all this daming talk about it is over blown. Dina stated that Egypt is the mother of arts and oriental dance and they are a part of its civilization and history and no one person or group can change that legacy

Dina also said that she plays the role of a dancer during the time after the end of WWI and the costumes that she wears match that period in time.


Do you think belly dancing has any place in the Holy Month of Ramadan?


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