First Pictures of Yasmin Abdel Aziz in Egypt After Recovery and Leaving Switzerland

Published September 22nd, 2021 - 08:45 GMT
First Pictures of Yasmin Abdel Aziz in Egypt After Recovery and Leaving Switzerland

She looks healthy and beautiful. Egyptian actress Yasmin Abdel Aziz has appeared for the first time after months of absence as a result of a serious health crisis that necessitated transferring her to Switzerland for treatment.

Several celebrity news pages on Instagram published pictures of Yasmin and commented that she took them after recovering and returning to Egypt.

The Egyptian actress was not wearing makeup in the selfies she took with another man.

Neither Abdel Aziz nor her husband, actor Ahmed El-Awady, have confirmed the validity of those photos if they were taken after the recovery.

First Pictures of Yasmin Abdel Aziz in Egypt After Recovery
Meanwhile, fans were happy with Yasmin's appearance and recovery, and they hoped that she would return to acting as soon as possible.

The new pictures of Yasmin Abdel Aziz came a few days after the circulation of another picture that was said to be of her after returning to Egypt and recovering from her illness, but her husband, artist Ahmed El-Awady, denied their validity at the time.

first appearance of Yasmin Abdel Aziz after recovery

He said in press statements that the photo circulated on a number of news websites of him and Yasmin claiming their presence in Egypt, is old, supporting his words by saying: "We were wearing winter clothes," adding that Yasmin's return to Egypt will be within the next few days.

first appearance of Yasmin Abdel Aziz ahmed el-awady after recovery

Yasmin Abdel Aziz had sent a message to thank her fans for their support during her health crisis, stressing that she had fully recovered after she saw death with her own eyes in this ordeal.

Ahmed El-Awady revealed the details of Yasmin Abdel Aziz’s health case, in a telephone interview with Lamis Al-Hadidi on her show Kelma Akhira “A Last Word” a few days ago.

Ahmed revealed that his wife had been seriously neglected by the medical team, which caused complications that doctors could not remedy, pointing out that his wife had underwent a simple and well-known gynecological operation, but he was surprised by the deterioration of her health condition.

El-Awady added that his wife faced death, and when she contacted her doctor, who did not take her seriously, said to her with a laugh: "I am on vacation, go dine and walk," as the artist expressed his surprise at the doctor's words that reflect his lack of seriousness.

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