Go Go! 'Emirati Swan' Ahlam Collaborates With K-Pop Band BTS.. Check Out Her Tweet #AhlamxBTS

Published February 12th, 2020 - 11:25 GMT
After Ahlam's response, #AhlamxBTS hashtag broke Twitter (source: @albawaba)
After Ahlam's response, #AhlamxBTS hashtag broke Twitter (source: @albawaba)

The #AhlamxBTS hashtag topped Twitter's trending list after Emirati songstress Ahlam confirmed that there will be a collaboration between her and the famous K-Pop band BTS.

A social media follower asked Ahlam: "Ahlam, please respond to me, is there a collaboration with BTS?" to which the singer replied "yes of course."

After Ahlam's response, #AhlamxBTS hashtag broke Twitter, while followers shared conflicting comments.

While the artist’s followers expressed their enthusiasm for this collaboration asking her to reveal more details, wondering whether it will be a single song or a concert, there were some negative and cynical comments too.

Some felt there could be a clash in a collaboration between the Emirati singer and the Korean band, due to the differences in their art forms. 

Meanwhile, others questioned the credibility there being a collaboration at all despite Ahlam's response saying it might all just be a big joke.

BTS is a South Korean pop band made up of 7 young male members. They are very popular in the Arabian Gulf in general and in Saudi Arabia in particular, and the band was able to form a large fan base around the world despite their young age, leading them to perform in numerous concerts globally.

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