Hamada Hilal shows some lovin' for his "Mother-in-Law" Mervat Amin!

Published October 19th, 2014 - 10:24 GMT

Most actors would argue over whose name should come first in the end credits, but that's a no brainer for Egyptian singer-turned-actor Hamada Hilal.

Hilal has insisted that his co-star Mervat Amin's name appears first in the closing credits of their new film "Hamati Bethebni" (My Mother-in-Law Loves Me). In the film Mervat plays the role of his Mamma-in-law!

According to Laha Magazine, Hamada argued - and he has a point here - that it would be disrespectful for them to have a legendary actress's name come second!

He added that Mervat has never even discussed the matter, but that the older generation of actors must always be respected this way.

Well, we now know that he too likes his "mother-in-law" back!

The cast of the film are currently in the process of filming the scenes to have it ready for screening during the Muslim holiday Eid Al Fitr, which coincides after the holy month of Ramadan.

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