Hande Erçel This Week: Nip-Slip Pictures, Serenay Sarıkaya Bikini Competition, Global Actress of the Year Nomination

Published August 19th, 2021 - 06:37 GMT
Hande Erçel This Week: Nip-Slip Pictures, Serenay Sarıkaya Bikini Competition, Global Actress of the Year Nomination

Turkish actress Hande Erçel has had an eventful week which was full of ups and downs.

The Turkish beauty has kicked off her week by going away on a short trip, after she finished shooting season 2 of her rom-com hit show Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock On My Door / Love Is In The Air).

The star who plays Eda Yıldız on the series headed to Türkbükü with her girlfriends to take a break and relax away from sets and cameras.

During the getaway, Hande sported three different swimsuits that put her under the media radar.

Hande Erçel Swimsuits

The girlfriend of Kerem Bürsin first sported a green bikini while she played with children on the beach. According to Sabah Daily Newspaper, price of the two-piece swimsuit is 1,807 TL ($212.26).

Hande Erçel yeşil bikini fiyatı
The next day, Erçel wore a black bikini that was valued at 1,600 TL ($187.94), and paired it with black sandals by Alexander McQueen which costed her 2,799 ($328.70).

Hande Erçel siyah bikini fiyatı Alexander McQueen

However, the most followed female artist on Instagram in Turkey has saved the best piece for last, which caused a whirlwind on social media.

Hande attended her friend's birthday, make-up artist Serhat Şen, wearing a scandalous red swimsuit that almost caused a near nip-slip, and paired it with an unbuttoned hot shorts.

The swimsuit was designed by Turkish brand Dilara Fındıkoğlu, and priced at 2,974.89 TL ($349.55).

Hande Erçel kırmızı mayo fiyatı silinen fotoğraf göğüsler

Kerem Bürsin's Ladies at Bikini War

After Hande Erçel posed with this red revealing swimsuit, Kerem Bürsin's ex girlfriend Serenay Sarıkaya shared a red bikini shots on Instagram too.

Sarıkaya's pictures have immediately caught the media's attention, as well as social media users who commented that Serenay made this move after Hande's pictures on purpose.

Serenay Sarıkaya kırmızı bikini

Although Hande Erçel's pictures in the red swimsuit received more than 3.3 million likes, the star deleted the pictures.

According to Snob magazine, Hande Erçel was uncomfortable being compared to Serenay Sarıkaya, so she removed the photos.

Meanwhile, some social media users commented that Hande deleted the pictures because she was heavily attacked and criticized by fans for wearing such a revealing number, to the point that thousands have unfollowed her.

Hande Erçel Is Nominated for Global Actress of the Year

Nubia Magazine, which defines itself as 'A multicultural international magazine established to focus on global culture. The organizer of the Nubia Awards and Certifications', has nominated Hande Erçel for 'The Global Actress Of The Year 2021' Award during its annual Global Nubia Awards (GNAs).

Hande Erçel The Global Actress Of The Year 2021

Hande Erçel received the score of 38.86% so far compared to the following international actresses:

  • South Korean singer Bae Suzy 27.64%
  • Turkish actress Elçin Sangu 11.36%
  • English actress Phoebe Dynevor 11.04%
  • American actress Scarlett Johansson 3.44%
  • South Korean actress Park Shin-hye 2.42%
  • South Korean actress Kim Yoo-jung 1.10%
  • Indian actress Avneet Kaur 0.98%
  • Indian actress Deepika Padukone 0.95%
  • Chinese actress Shen Yue 0.88%
  • American actress Michelle Rodriguez 0.68%
  • British actress Emily Blunt 0.64%

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