Hande & Kerem This Week's News: The Curse, Bazlama Face Lawsuit and Mental Health

Published June 10th, 2021 - 08:11 GMT
Hande & Kerem This Week's News: The Curse, Bazlama Face Lawsuit and Mental Health

Below is the latest news of the week of Turkish couple 'HanKer'.

The Curse

Last night on June 9, season 2 of Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock On My Door / Love Is In The Air) has made a debut on Fox TV.

And Turkish lovers and co-stars Hande Erçel, who plays Eda Yıldız, and Kerem Bürsin, who plays Serkan Bolat, practiced their usual weekly tradition of going Live on Instagram to promote the weekly episode of the show.

During the broadcast, the couple revealed how busy their schedule was as they film season 2 of the show.

Kerem said: "I couldn't get off the stage", then he cursed.

Erçel's reaction was precious, she told Bürsin "Why are you cursing?" later she apologized to followers on behalf of him by saying "Sorry".

Bazlama Face Lawsuit 

After months in courts, Hande Erçel has put an end to the battle against Turkish influencer, Lütfü Alp Kılınç. Who was sued by the actress after calling her "Bazlama Face". (Bazlama is a flat Turkish bread)

The actress initially asked for a compensation of 15,000 Turkish liras (1,400 euros) for the insult, but the court, according to Divinity, has considered that this amount is excessive, and has finally sentenced a compensation of 1,000 liras (approximately 95 euros). 

A sentence that, apparently, the instagramer has not liked very much, has prompted him to create a post on Instagram dedicated to Hande Erçel, in which several photos appear such as the ruling of the sentence and a collage where you can see a before-and-after pictures of the actress's face. 

In that same post, Lütfü Alp Kılınç has also uploaded two photos of himself while laughing, in addition, to captioning the post with:

"Thanks to me, you had a bichectomy, you owe me your work today, may my head be alms for 1000 TL."

A chapter that closes for the actress after the passage of two years since she filed this lawsuit . An ending that will help Hande focus on her recent relationship with her co-star, Kerem Bürsin.


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Hande Erçel Opens Up About Mental Health

In a recent interview with Vogue Türkiye, the actress admits that it has been difficult for her to deal with criticism and that she has days "in which I don't want to get out of bed".

Hande also has shown her most intimate side in the interview, and has acknowledged that she takes refuge in her passions to abstract from the barrage of criticism that she continually receives.

"After achieving certain recognition, it was very difficult for me to digest so many criticisms, good or bad, and try to turn those criticisms into an advantage to improve myself," says the 27-year-old actress.

Erçel also wanted to refer to her struggle to deal with his darkest moments, stating that "I don't think anyone, except my closest friends, knows that I laugh a lot when I'm sad. Swimming at night and dancing non-stop are some of the techniques. that I use to overcome my problems."

The star also reveals that she has her own techniques to come on top which may well serve us too.

"I take a break and deal with those feelings. Then I try to motivate myself by reminding myself that no one is going to fight for me more than me."


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