K-Pop Singer and YouTuber Jay Kim Converts to Islam! This Is His New Name (Watch)

Published October 31st, 2019 - 08:40 GMT
Jay Kim one of South Koreas most popular K-Pop stars Source jaehan9192 Instagram
Jay Kim, one of South Korea's most popular K-Pop stars (Source: @jaehan9192 Instagram)

The Arab world has been massively circulating a video for K-Pop band D- Crunch getting kicked out of stage in Kuwait, minutes before they started their concert. The decision was made by Kuwaiti Minister of Mass Media and Information because he claims that they are gay.

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The trending video reminded the Arab audience of Jay Kim's conversion to Islam last month.

Jay Kim, one of South Korea's most popular K-Pop stars, announced his conversion to Islam in a clip, in which he appeared pronouncing the testimonies and announcing his new name.

Kim revealed the news to his fans through his channel on YouTube, where he wrote:

"Finally I became a Muslim | The moment of Shahada

In the name of God the Most Gracious ,the Most Merciful

Since I became interested in Islam, many things in my life have changed. Actually I am not fully prepared, but I will try to be a good Muslim step by step. Although I have previously sinned a lot, I want to repent my sins and stand in front of Allah.

Although I am not a born-Muslim, I know that Allah is always with me. Thanks to Him to show me the right path. There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger."

He also changed his name to "Daud".

The Korean former star revealed that he began to study Islam, where he posted a video on his YouTube channel, wondering what would happen if he converted to Islam, and then he surprised the audience shortly thereafter by announcing conversion in early October.

Daud Kim was a member of the TraxX team and previously was a member of SM The Ballad, and has also acted in a number of famous plays and series, including Missing, Touch Your Heart and Andante.

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