Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel End 2020 with a STUNNING Photoshoot.. Check Out the Full Interview

Published December 31st, 2020 - 09:03 GMT
 Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel Ends 2020 with a STUNNING Photoshoot.. Check Out the Full Interview

Kerem and Hande have fulfilled their promise.

Few weeks ago, Turkish actors and on-screen lovers Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel have promised their fans a photoshoot.

And over the past two days, the Turkish edition of Hello Magazine has been releasing the duo's footage one by one on their official Instagram account 'HELLO! Türkiye', and they are STUNNING!

So far the magazine has shared 8 posts with their 320k followers, and the stars of the shoot promoted their favorite shots to their millions of followers on social media.

At first, HELLO! Türkiye teased its readers revealing that icons of 'Best of HELLO' edition will be Bürsin and Erçel calling them 'successful actors' adding that they will be the stars of the cover of the special issue.

Along with the photoshoot, Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel underwent an exclusive interview with Hello magazine, revealing many hidden and interesting secrets about each other that fueled their rumored romance.

The magazine asked Kerem: 'What kind of a partner Hande is on set?'

Bürsin: 'Hande is extremely hardworking, she knows how to have fun, and she's a really good partner. And I think any set would be lucky to have her ... Every now and then she teases me that she's working harder than I am, and I stay silent because I agree. I tell her: You are the leading role in this drama, I am a setter; I'll throw the ball but you will score the goal. But still, she doesn't teasing me.'

Hello to Hande: 'Let's listen to Kerem from you, what kind of a partner he is?'

H. Erçel: 'Kerem is a hardworking and motivating partner. He can adapt to any situation, any game. This is something very admirable.'

HELLO!: 'A new year will begin. Can you give us three wishes about yourself, our country and the world?'

H. Erçel: 'May the new year bring the awareness that we need for nature, the value of empathy, and days with lots of smiles for me.'

K. Bürsin: 'My wish for the world is to enter a period where women rule and everyone lives in equality. I wish for Turkey, instead of talking about all of us to begin taking social responsibility and to end the polarization. My wish for myself is to be a part of such a fair world.'

HELLO!: 'How did you catch harmony in Sen Çal Kapım? Did you spend a lot of time together learning each other's body language and temperament before going on set? Have you thought, "What if we can't match"?'

H. Erçel: 'I thought so because harmony is the most important thing in a romantic comedy. We met four months before filming has started and there was quarantine. At that time, I got used to the idea of working together. Since we did not have many separate scenes when we went on set, I can say that we adapted quickly.'

K. Bürsin: 'Yes, we spent a lot of time together on Zoom due to the circumstances, and we also worked with a coach together and it felt great. We were able to get to know each other and our characters well. Later, our director and my dear brother Altan Hoca (Dönmez) stepped in and we achieved a good synergy.'

HELLO!: 'There are childhood traumas that both Eda and Serkan have carried from their past to the present in the script, and these affect their perspective on life and their relationships with people. What kind of childhood did you have? How are you with your families?'

H. Erçel: 'I wish everyone could experience my childhood. Growing up in a small place that has other aspects. But the feeling of growing up in my own world, tree, park, is very different.'

K. Bürsin: 'I spent my childhood moving from one city to another, trying to get used to one culture that is completely opposite the other. Because of my father's job, we changed addresses every three years on average. From Abu Dhabi to Texas or from Indonesia to Norway ... The hardest thing was to break up with my friends. Once I'm about to have my full circle, my dad would come one night and say "Come on, we're leaving" and they were all out of my life. There was no social media back then, of course, we were losing each other. These changes have brought us closer together as a family; because only my mother, father and sister were left in my life. We used to say "no matter what happens, the four of us are always be there.'

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