Kinda Alloush revels in her successful role in "33 Days" movie

Published May 5th, 2012 - 11:17 GMT
Kinda Alloush stars in Lebanese war film 33 Days
Kinda Alloush stars in Lebanese war film 33 Days

Syrian actress Kinda Alloush awaits the premier of her new movie "Al Maslaha", (Self-serving) in which she co-stars with actors, Ahmad Al Saqa, Ahmad Ezz, Hanan Al Turk, Zeina and Salah Abdullah. Directed by Egyptian Sandra Nashaat, with screenplay by Wael Abdullah, this film is her newest project since Lebanese 'second war' film that she tells us about.

Lebanon's Second War

Although she did not attend the premier of her Lebanese movie "33 Days" in Beirut, Kinda expressed her excitement at people's positive reaction to her role in the movie.

The film "33 Days", has turned out to be  a grand scale cinematic production in Lebanon. The movie portrays the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006.

The movie stars, alongside Kinda, Carmen Lebes, Basem Muganiyeh, Yousef Al Khal, and is directed by Iranian, Jamal Shorjeyeh.

Alloush is currently busy working on the TV series "Ala Kaf Efreet" (On a Tipping Point)  starring alongside actor Khalid Al Sawi, directed by Kamal Mansour with the screenplay by Yehya Fikri.


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