Mawazine 2016: Wyclef Jean loves Morocco, hates Trump!

Published May 26th, 2016 - 08:48 GMT
Wyclef Jean's Hips Don't Lie, he is a party animal!    (Mawazine)
Wyclef Jean's Hips Don't Lie, he is a party animal! (Mawazine)

Haitian songwriter, guitarist and hip-hop star Wyclef Jean put on a roaring show for the fans at the Mawazine Festival in Morocco on Sunday. 

The musician, who co-founded the Fugees (short for 'refugees') with Lauryn Hill and Pras in 1994, won two Grammy Award for their album 'The Score' and their hiphop remake of Roberta Flack's ballad 'Killing Me Softly'. He enjoyed continued success as a solo artist and producer, collaborating with the likes of Carlos Santana, Destiny's Child and Shakira.

During his performance at OLM Soussi, Wyclef dabbled with the oud, dedicated 'Killing Me Softly' to Morocco and to immigrants, and shouted ‘’Allah Akbar,’’  in celebration of Islam and Muslims, Morocco World News reported.

In a pre-concert press conference, Wyclef reminded the journalists that his former band was originally called 'Refugee Camp' and changed to refer to the derogatory name for Haitian refugees 'Fugees'. He recounted how he began playing music in the basement of his small home in a poor village in Haiti, a theme he repeated during his concert , saying that ‘’he is an African immigrant who wants to live in peace.’’  


Between songs, Wyclef spoke of love and tolerance, and couldn't resist the opportunity to slam Donald Trump for his anti-Muslim, divisive messages. "If you don't love Muslims, how can you love yourself? Do you hear me Donald Trump?", Telquel reported.  Wyclef's performance reached such a frenzy that he refused to end his set on time, telling Aziz Daki, the festival's artistic director, to stop looking at his watch because the party was just getting started.

He then proceeded to climb a five-meter high scaffold, cheered to the crowd to 'Go crazy!", and play on for another hour. To the delight of the crowd, he invited everyone to an after-party at the Sofitel, and stayed on to take selfies well after the music ended.

Another crazy Mawazine performance, done and dusted!


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