Is Michele Morrone Gay? Italian Actor Clarifies the Hot Picture He Took While Hugging a Topless Man

Published June 3rd, 2021 - 07:56 GMT
Michele Morrone gay Simone Susinna hugging coming out lgbt pride month homosexual homosexuality

Yesterday, Italian actor Michele Morrone has shocked his 12.5 million followers, and more particularly his female fans, when he posted a steamy picture with actor Simone Susinna at the beginning of Pride Month.

The two handsome men were topless as Simone hugged Michele, and the two actors posted the same shot on their Instagram accounts, and captioned them with the same phrase "I'm a liar".

The picture caused a frenzy among followers and Michele Morrone has occupied global newspapers headlines, as the picture was received as a declaration of Michele Morrone's coming out.

Michele Morrone gay Simone Susinna hugging coming out lgbt pride month

After the international fuss, Morrone decided to clarify the truth behind the picture via Instagram Stories and share his thoughts on LGBT community.

Again while topless and tanning, Michele said that Simone is just a "brother" and that they're working on a movie together:

"Good morning! So, this morning I woke up with my team calling me and saying hey there's a lot of articles on the media saying that you came out because of the picture that I've taken with Simone, who became a very good friend of mine, we became brothers and we're shooting a movie together."

Then Morrone confirmed that he's a straight man by denying his coming out, describing the picture as "normal", and adding that he's a big supportive of LGBT community.

"But guys it was just a picture nothing more. And by the way I'm an extremely very big supportive of the LGBT community, but we're just talking about a normal picture, I didn't come out."

The Italian actor also addressed the caption that added more fuel on rumors fire, when he described himself as a "liar", which was perceived by fans that he was lying about his sexuality as a straight man.

"They also talk about the caption that I'm a liar, but an actor is kind of a liar, that's why I wrote that. An actor is a liar because he's acting someone who's not, so I didn't come out."

At the end of his message, Michele Morrone apologized to his fans for the confusion that he created, again stressing that he's a big supportive of LGBTQ.

"I'm so sorry for the confusion, I didn't mean it. As I said I'm a big supporter of the LGBT community. There's a lot of young guys young girls that would love to come out but they don't do it because of their families, they don't accept them, you know, and I've met a lot these guys."

"Happiness is priceless, and if you feel like just go out there and tell the whole world who you are"

"Peace and love, I love you guys so much and let's keep in touch, bye."

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