"Atata and the Limbi" live on! Mohammad Saed brings back the characters for Ramadan 2014

Published February 23rd, 2014 - 09:25 GMT

Here's to hoping Ramadan 2014 is a better one than last year for Mohammad Saed. The Egyptian actor is hoping he gets the last laugh this coming holy month after last year's "Shams Al Ansari" more than slightly flopped. He's been sweating up a storm to present a show to write home about this summer.

The new drama "Atata and the Limbi”, bringing back the two characters from his film "Oukal", follows the stories "Atata" the granny tells "Al Limbi" from her imagination. Mohammad plays both roles, but the remaining cast are still yet to be nominated.

The production company "Al Adel Group" has sought the assistance of French makeup artist Dominique, in addition to two other famous French specialists. Producer Jamal Al Adel wanted to ensure that Mohammad's character is done in a very professional manner with the use of hair extensions and artificial makeovers.

Dominique was the same specialist who did the makeup for "Atata" before in "Oukal". She'll be arriving soon in Cairo to join the daily work sessions alongside Mohammad.

Scenarist Mohammad Al Nabawi is in the process of writing the episodes for the new drama with the assistance of writer Sameh Sir Al Khatim.

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