Mona Al-Saber Reveals a Shocking Phrase Her Daughter Hala Al-Turk Said in Court! (Video)

Published March 24th, 2021 - 08:04 GMT
Mona Al-Saber Reveals a Shocking Phrase Her Daughter Hala Al-Turk Said in Court! (Video)منى السابر حلا الترك سجن

Jordanian mother Mona Al-Saber has revealed that her daughter Bahraini singer Hala Al-Turk said something shocking in court.

At first, Mona revealed the exact amount of money she owes her daughter after the court issued a decision to imprison Mona Al-Saber for a year because of the lawsuit filed by her daughter Hala accusing her of taking money without her knowledge.

Al-Saber said that she owes her daughter 20,000 Bahraini dinars and not 200 thousand dinars as being circulated in the media, and all that she desires is a petition to replace the prison sentence with an alternative punishment.

Mona added that all mediations she sent to her daughter to waive the case to avoid imprisonment were unsuccessful, and that she does not have the required amount of money.

Al-Saber commented on the details of the case by saying: 'My 19-year-old daughter accused me of wasting her money over the past years when she was a child under my custody, even though this money was spent to manage our daily affairs and also to rent an apartment for me, Hala and her younger brother, and she knew that I was spending the money, and also we had to use this money because I did not receive my legal alimony from Hala’s father, Muhammad Al-Turk.'

She pointed out: 'The verdict was issued now after my daughter’s testimony, a one-year prison sentence against me. All the mediations that I sought have failed, and now the amount must be paid or my daughter must waive the case until the ruling is stopped, but unfortunately Hala refused to give the case up despite knowing where the money was spent, and she stood and testified against me in court.'

Mona continued: 'While the judge was listening to my daughter's testimony, she said a phrase that made my heart break "my mother had betrayed the trust". I feel a great pain in my heart. I am a mother and who stood against me is my daughter, and this is a stab in my chest that came from the closest people to me.'

She added: 'I've never imagined that my daughter would stand in court to testify against me, and I was the one who did everything I could and sacrificed everything for her. At this time, all the world is celebrating their mothers except me, my daughter decided to imprison me. I did not expect this gift.'

Mona Al-Saber concluded with a message to her daughter, in which she said: 'Hala, I hope that God will guide you to return to your mother, your warm embrace, and your safe refuge. Oh Hala, you will not know my value until after you lose me .. And my last request from you is that you always remember who is your mother.'

Hala's mother had filed a previous case against her ex-husband Muhammad Al-Turk demanding custody of all her children, and the case is still pending in the legal court.

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