Controversial Sheikh says he hopes Muna Zaki dies!

Published March 17th, 2013 - 07:10 GMT
Muna Zaki tells Sheikh Abu Islam - talk to the hand!
Muna Zaki tells Sheikh Abu Islam - talk to the hand!

Sheikh Abu Islam is developing a bit of a reputation around the world of entertainment, after accusing Egyptian funnyman, Adel Imam, of sleeping with co-star Yousra and claiming that all stars are 'trash'.

But now he's turned the evil eye onto saucy Egyptian actress, Muna Zaki, after she said she will be wearing a belly dancing outfit in her upcoming flick.

Muna, who is used to a bit of semi-naked controversy, told Middle East news portal, Elaph, that she wasn't afraid of the Islamists in her country and would wear whatever she liked.

But owner of Ummah TV, Abu Islam, hit back with a video doing the rounds online. In it, he prays to God to take Muna's life while she's in the process of filming the dancing scenes. According to the radical preacher, the sexy actress needs to repent now or forever face the consequences!

To make it worse, the belly dancing drama will be aired during the holy month of Ramadan. But that hasn't put Muna off and she told reporters this week that she'll be straight back to work and ignoring any comments in the meantime.



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