Muna Zaki on the defense...again…

Published April 23rd, 2013 - 09:37 GMT
What did their kiss mean?
What did their kiss mean?

The celebrity rumor mills never give up trying to squeeze something scandalous out of everything. Muna Zaki may make herself any easy target for gossip, but actor Ahmad Al Sakka defends her character saying that she is a very well respected woman.

Several years ago, a photo of the Egyptian actress kissing Al Sakka at a social gathering was rumored to have started a spat between Muna and her husband Egyptian comedian actor Ahmed Helmy, but the couple had both denied the speculation.

Al Sakka had stood up for Muna then too, saying the kiss didn’t mean anything; it was just a casual one that friends exchange when they run into one another.

According to, the same photo has reappeared to the scene and along with it rumors of the possibility of a divorce between Muna and Helmy, which totes outraged the couple's fans who considered the resurfacing of the photo an insult to the couple.

The question remains who is the culprit of the picture’s reincarnation and what was their motive. What do you think?


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