The 20-year-old singer is set to release her self-titled debut next week on January 12 (Source: Jamie Lamor Thompson - Shutterstock)
January 04, 2018 - 14:28 GMT
Camila Cabello has found a "good balance" between sad and happy songs on her upcoming debut solo record.
Mariah sang her 1990s hits “Vision of Love” and “Hero” on Sunday night in Times Square (Source: Don Emmert - AFP)
January 02, 2018 - 11:45 GMT
The pop singer made it through her performance on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” cleanly this year after bungling it last year.
Nick Jonas is hoping fans will use his upcoming new album as a party soundtrack. (Source: a katz - Shutterstock)
January 02, 2018 - 10:32 GMT
Nick Jonas has promised fans an "optimistic" new album that they can party to.
Lina Sleibi is a Palestinian singer, actress and model. (Source: Facebook - lina sleibi - لينا صليبي)
December 06, 2017 - 07:30 GMT
Lina Sleibi's cover for the amazing Dalida’s Helwa Ya Balady simply touched us — especially when you hear the lyrics being spoken about Palestine from Palestine.
A rendition of No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley was performed in Jalsat Wanasa and it is not the first time. (Source: Natata - Shutterstock)
November 28, 2017 - 09:36 GMT
Bahraini Mohammed Al Bakri performed a rendition of No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley in Jalsat Wanasa and it is not the first time.
Singer Katy Perry and The Weeknd are reportedly preparing for a collaboration. /AFP
November 24, 2017 - 20:00 GMT
The two were spotted having dinner together at a restaurant in West Hollywood.
I want a little sugar in my bowl. (Johavel /
October 16, 2017 - 16:04 GMT
A run-down of this year's Cairo Jazz Festival makes us wish we'd practiced more saxophone.
The Talat Da'at crew. (Instagram / tamerhabibiofficial)
October 12, 2017 - 15:00 GMT
Did you like Talat Da'at? So do we. Get a look on the music video!
Talat Da'at honchos Abu, Tamer Habib, and Yousra. (Instagram / tamerhabibofficial)
October 01, 2017 - 14:43 GMT
The song Talat Da'at is the beat that's making everyone's a treat. See what the fuss is all about!
Souad Massi performing. (Schorle / Wikimedia Commons)
September 14, 2017 - 09:23 GMT
Algerian folk singer Souad Massi enchanted Beirut's MusicHall Waterfront Tuesday evening, giving a "laid-back and intimate" performance.
The face that launched a thousand likes. (WeAreTheMedium 2017)
August 22, 2017 - 10:10 GMT
Narcy, a pretty accomplished rapper-hip hop artist (and author) is back with a truthful, pretty funny new video and song. Check it out here.
August 22, 2017 - 08:03 GMT
"Despacito" seemed destined to rule for a while. But that while has been cut short by a (very) surprise contender.
Despacito. (Universal Latin)
August 06, 2017 - 07:20 GMT
Yep. "Despacito" is still popular. If each listen was a separate person, half the people on planet Earth will have listened to "Despacito." From reactions, this means that everything is solved.