Myriam Fares Reveals All: “My all-natural body is a gift from God”

Published May 2nd, 2012 - 09:47 GMT
Myriam Fares
Myriam Fares

Like the majority of the stars, Lebanese singer Myriam Fares stays in touch with her fans through Twitter. Especially on the things that matter. Like to tell us that her body is all God's work, in a candid but coy revelation.

Myriam has recently asked her fans to give her some suggestions on where to spend her birthday vacation on May 3rd, mentioning that she spent her last birthday in Rome and had a great time.

After a few days of deliberation into this big choice, Myriam resurfaced and posted her pictures on Miami Beach in USA wrapping up all suspense on her birthday location of choice. One particular photo tickled a fans curiosity so that he asked her “Are your breasts natural or did you have a breast implant?”

Myriam did not hesitate before proudly replying and closing the subject: ”I’m all natural; and 'this' is a gift from God.”

Another fan on Twitter, not following the cue of intimate questioning, stuck to a more conservative line of enquiry, asking the Lebanese singer when she was planning to release her upcoming album, and she obliged with the update that it was still a work in progress.


What do you really think or believe about our favorite well-endowed Arab celebs?

Do you think many Lebanese (or other Arab) singers have undergone cosmetic modifications but deny it?



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