New Trailer Released of Sen Çal Kapımı Season 2: Serkan Arguing With Eda's Daughter.. Watch

Published May 31st, 2021 - 07:03 GMT
Sen Çal Kapımı yeni sezon Season 2 serkan bolat eda Yıldız Kerem Bürsin bursin hande ercel Erçel Maya Başol

MF YAPIM production company and Fox Turkiye have released the second trailer of the second season of Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock On My Door).

The trailer sees Serkan Bolat, played by handsome Turkish actor Kerem Bürsin, driving his black Porsche, while Eda's daughter, played by child actress Maya Başol, was sitting next to him.

Then Maya, whose character name has not been revealed yet, starts to tease Serkan and asks him: "Aren't you going to unlock my seatbelt?"

Bolat gets furious of the little girl before she teases him again and asks him: "Aren't you gonna open the door for me?"

Serkan Bolat then acts the gentleman he is and obeys the little girl's demands.


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In another scene, Maya was looking Serkan in the eye while scolding him by saying: "I've never liked you Serkan Bolat".

But this time, Eda's lover did not stay silent and responded to Maya and said: "It's a mutual feeling miss."

It seems that Maya is going to flip the scenario in season two, because in another scene she was complaining to her mother Eda that this man (Serkan) was the one who brought her by his car.

At the end of the trailer, Serkan Bolat was looking at Eda, played by Hande Erçel, while saying: "Does the tumor cause hallucinations? These dreams started to look as if they are real."

MF YAPIM production commented on the new trailer: "Our love story begins again!", while Fox Turkiye wrote: "I don't like you at all, Serkan Bolat!"

Sen Çal Kapımı season 2 will be aired on FOX on Wednesday, June 9.

Sen Çal Kapımı yeni sezon Season 2

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