Ragheb Alama, “Yes for humanity…No for Politics”

Published June 1st, 2012 - 04:02 GMT
Ragheb Alama
Ragheb Alama

Prominent Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alama has made a request on his official page on the internet social network Twitter to all the members on his page to stop talking about politics, especially with regards to the events taking place in the Arab world, and stressed that he is sympathetic with any human being who is innocent regardless of where they are.
Ragheb clarified that as a Lebanese citizen he can only give his opinion about Lebanese affairs and said, “I am sympathetic to all people who are victimized in the world. Yes to humanity…No to politics on my page and as a Lebanese citizen I only allow myself to criticize political and social conditions in Lebanon.”
And from a humanistic point, Ragheb did not hesitate to make a comment resenting the Al Houlah Massacre that took place in the Syrian city of Al Hums and wrote, “Innocent women, children and elderly were murdered and God will make everyone responsible for these inhumane acts pay a high price, because such actions are cruel and unacceptable.”
Syrian singer Asala Nasri had also expressed her deep sorrow over the massacre and wrote on her Facebook page, “Innocent people who do not deserve to die were slaughtered and those who deserve to die and are behind the killings are still breathing!” she accompanied her comments with a verse from her song “Ah Law Al Kursi Bihki” (Oh if this Throne can Talk), which is a song resenting the actions of the current Syrian government headed by President Bashar Al Asad.
Asala had also posted a picture of a murdered Syrian child and wrote, “Oh Syria do not call on Arabs to help you, but rather call on Al Rab (God in Arabic) for He is the only One that can save you.”


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