Shocking and Devastating! Rym Ghezali Suffers a Cancerous Tumor.. This is the First Picture After Surgery

Published November 3rd, 2019 - 08:36 GMT
Reems photo was published from inside a hospital in France Soruce rym_ghezali_officialaccount Instagram
Reem's photo was published from inside a hospital in France (Soruce: @rym_ghezali_officialaccount Instagram)

Algerian former Star Academy contestant Rym Ghezali shocked fans after posting a photo revealing that she has been suffering from a cancerous tumor.

In the picture taken by her mother, Ghezali is with her brother Sayed Ahmed, who supported her and did not leave her side during her illness.

Rym's photo was published from inside a hospital in France, where she underwent brain tumor removal surgery.

Ghezali wrote about her experience, saying: "No one believed that I would stand on my feet again. Despite all those around me knowing my strength and toughness and how hard I fight, I was in the shadow away from light for more than two months, which is something not easy, but I'm confident that my come back will be strong, if God wants it."

She continued: "Thank God for everything.. Thanks to those who bothered to travel and visit me in the hospital.. Thanks to everyone who supported me with a comment or a prayer or a message and checked on me.. Thanks to my friends, artists, fans.. I had been working day and night relentlessly, to the point that I had not felt all this love and attention."

Ghezali also revealed that her husband, Nabil, is waiting for his visa in order to be there with her in France, and share these difficult moments that she hopes will end soon.


Shokran Rebi yahfdkoum.....

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