Somaya Al-Khashab Wins Court Case: Forces Ex-Husband Ahmed Saad to Pay $31,000 as Deferred Dower

Published March 31st, 2021 - 12:51 GMT
Somaya Al-Khashab Wins in Court and Forces Ex-Husband Ahmed Saad to Pay $31,000 as Deferred Dower

Somaya Al-Khashab achieves another triumph against ex-husband Ahmed Saad.

Egyptian court obliged singer Ahmed Saad to pay 500 thousand Egyptian pounds ($31,806) as deferred dower following the lawsuit filed by ex-wife Egyptian actress Somaya Al-Khashab.

The court also obliged Ahmed Saad to pay the case's expenses in full.

The decision came after Al-Khashab proved that she did not receive her deferred dower following the divorce and after hearing the witnesses.

This is the second slap that Al-Khashab directed to Ahmed, as a court decision has been issued a few days ago, in which it was stated that Ahmed must pay 270 thousand Egyptian pounds as pleasure and divorce expenses for his ex-wife, Somaya.

Specifically, the Family Court ruled that Khashab would obtain an amount of 30 thousand pounds for a period of 3 months, and an amount of 10 thousand pounds for each month within 24 months, so the total would be 270 thousand pounds for pleasure and waiting period.

The court’s ruling came after Somaya proved that she had suffered psychological and physical harm at the hands of her ex-husband. She also submitted papers to the court proving that she did not receive her financial dues after the two parties refused to reconcile and resolve the issue amicably.

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