Suspended?! Sandokan at Risk Because of War Between Can Yaman and Co-Star Luca Argentero

Published August 5th, 2021 - 11:00 GMT
Suspended?! Sandokan at Risk Because of War Between Can Yaman and Co-Star Luca Argentero

Indian actor Kabir Bedi, who played the villainous Gobinda in the 1983 version of Sandokan, has his say on Sandokan remake starring Can Yaman, who, in the meantime, is at war with co-star Luca Argentero.

Can Yaman is experiencing a critical period. The most beloved actor of Turkish soap, in fact, seems to have received an abrupt stop for the filming of the remake of Sandokan.

It is rumored that there is a dispute between Can Yaman and co-star Luca Argentero, and that the project is at risk, reporting Italian website Coming Soon.

While Can continues to be away from his girlfriend Diletta Leotta, Kabir Bedi comments on the choice to bring the cult series that has made him one of the sex symbols par excellence on TV.


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Can Yaman Is Sandokan: This Is What Kabir Bedi Thinks

Preparations are underway for filming the remake of Sandokan, which will see Can Yaman impersonate the Tiger of Malaysia.

The Turkish star is increasingly distant from Diletta Leotta, and has chosen to indulge in some relaxation days with friends and manager in Sardinia, perhaps before having to meet his girlfriend face to face.

As if that was not enough, it is rumored that the project that is so dear to Yaman could suffer an abrupt halt.

Can Yaman has trained very hard before the summer break, admitting to believe in this project. But what does Kabir Bedi, the man who brought the figure of Sandokan to the fore, think?

Kabir Bedi Sandokan

“There is only one Sandokan! Whether Can Yaman is successful? He is good, but it will be the public who will judge him. I have seen some series in which the Turkish actor is the protagonist. I find him good and he will have more and more success, but to establish the popular affirmation of the new Sandokan will be exclusively to the global audience, as it happened for me that precisely by virtue of that interpretation I was also called as the antagonist of James Bond" , admitted Bedi to Pascal Vicedomini.

While the sex symbol of the seventies provokes his descendant, Nuovo makes it known that on the set of the TV series there is an air of tension between Yaman and Luca Argentero, his co-star in the role of Yanez.

It seems that the two just can't get along on and off set, so much so that despite being on vacation in the same place, they carefully avoided saying goodbye!

Initially, Sandokan is meant to be aired either on Rai or Mediaset, in fact, now a new contract with Netflix or Amazon Prime Video is on the horizon, and therefore everything is still to be seen.

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