Wife of famous Saudi comedian stirs up controversy when she tweets in favor of a coup against the Monarchy

Published June 29th, 2016 - 02:44 GMT
Lama Sabri could face consequences for her openly anti-Monarchy political views (Shutterstock)
Lama Sabri could face consequences for her openly anti-Monarchy political views (Shutterstock)

Lama Sabri, wife of famous US-born Saudi Comedian Omar Hussein, has been accused of speaking out against the Saudi monarchy and inciting revolution against the King. Speaking from her Twitter account, Sabri’s remarks have brought about controversy and a storm of anger on social media sites from both inside and outside of Saudi Arabia.

Sabri allegedly used her twitter account to post a series of anti-Saudi tweets over the last 5 or so years. In these tweets – which have now been deleted – Sabri questions the validity of Saudi’s religious leadership, is prideful of her non-Saudi heritage, and refers to a coup de etat in Saudi as a dream she’d like to see realized. Screenshots of the tweets have been spreading on social media under the hashtag #زوجه_عمر_حسين_تحرض_ضد_الوطن (Omar Hussein’s wife sows discontent against the Nation)

What idiot still believes that the Kingdom’s fatwas [i.e. Islamic rulings] are religious fatwas? What idiot still doesn’t know that they’re political fatwas?”

In another tweet, Sabri (who is a Saudi citizen of Malasian and Iraqi descent) takes aim at Saudis themselves:


We’re talking about Darwin and the results are that Monkeys are from Saudi origin lool”


Perhaps her most egregious transgressions in the eyes of her fellow Saudis were her statements on the Saudi government:



Mama told me about what we should do in case there was a coup and a revolution. Optimistic much? :P”



When will the regime fall? When will that be done for us? :( Dreams… Revolution… Stay tuned”

Many Saudis were appalled by Sabri’s remarks, taking to twitter to air their grievances:


She needs to have her citizenship stripped from her along with anyone else who incites chaos in the country… “


After the hashtag gained popularity Omar Hussein issued a formal apology on his personal twitter account, where he described the tweets as being “taken of context” and unrepresentative of the couple’s views. 

Sabri and her husband Omar are both entertainers with Saudi-based entertainment company UTURN, which came under fire lately for the hosting a “mixed” iftar attended by men and women simultaneously in Jeddah, on Saudi Arabia’s Western coast. Omar Hussein is well-known throughout the Arab world for his standup comedy and popular Youtube channel, and he and his wife make regular appearances on their comedy show “3al6ayer”.

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