Obama: Assad missed chances for reform

Published July 13th, 2011 - 05:35 GMT

US President Barack Obama stated that Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad has missed a series of chances for reform. The American leader also denounced an attack on the US embassy in Damascus.

Assad, Obama told CBS television late Tuesday, has "missed opportunity after opportunity to present a genuine reform agenda.

"More broadly, I think that increasingly you're seeing President Assad lose legitimacy in the eyes of his people," Obama said.

Washington had made it clear "that what we've seen on the part of the Syrian regime has been an unacceptable degree of brutality directed at its people," the US president stressed.

He also slammed the Assad regime for allowing mobs to attack the US embassy, saying that Washington had "sent a clear message that nobody can be messing with our embassy and that we will take whatever actions necessary in order to protect our embassy."

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