Students protest at the University of Damascus

Published April 11th, 2011 - 12:58 GMT

Syrian security forces on Monday dispersed a group of students gathered in front of the Faculty of Science at the University of Damascus in solidarity with those who died in the protests taking place in Syria since 15 March. Several students were detained. 

The head of the Syrian Association for Human Rights Abdul Karim Rihawi told Agence France Presse: "The security forces intervened and dispersed the group of students gathered in solidarity with the martyrs of Banias and Dara'a at the Faculty of Science." He said there were reports of arrests carried out by the security services, but it was not possible to verify the number.

Rihawi added that the students were chanting "We sacrifice our blood for you martyr." Supporters of the regime held another demonstration, chanting "With our blood we sacrifice ourselves for you, Bashar. "

A video clip on "YouTube" has shown a gathering of dozens of students in front of the College of Science, chanting slogans in support for freedom and national unity. The clip has shown also students who watched the scene from a distance without intervention or participation.

A Syrian human rights activist said Monday that the army besieged the coastal city of Banias (280 km north-west of Damascus), as the city mourned the four dead killed Sunday in bloody confrontations.

A human rights activist said from Banias "The army is besieging the city." He added: "They have cut off electricity. The army shoots in order to provoke people and get them to respond, but none of them want to shoot," adding that "appeals were aired from mosques to the army to stop shooting."

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