Tareq Aziz to be hanged

Published October 26th, 2010 - 10:05 GMT
Tareq Aziz
Tareq Aziz

Another senior official in the Saddam Hussein's regime will be executed. Iraq's supreme criminal court sentenced former deputy prime minister Tareq Aziz to death on Tuesday, state television reported. "The supreme criminal court issued an execution order against Tareq Aziz for his role in eliminating religious parties," the television reported.

It added that the court also ordered death sentences against two other top Saddam officials, former interior minister Saadoun Shaker and Abid Hamoud, Saddam's secretary. All three were sentenced for their roles in a crackdown on members of Iraq's Shiite majority community that followed a 1991 uprising.

By law, the sentences have to be confirmed by the presidential council before being carried out.


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