Giza Church Attacked by Mob: Egyptian Archbishop

Published December 23rd, 2017 - 10:20 GMT
Giza (AFP)
Giza (AFP)

The Archbishop of Atfeeh issued a statement on Friday afternoon saying the Church of al-Amir Tadros (Prince Tadros) in the Kafr al-Waselin village in Giza was attacked by a mob who gathered on Friday at noon outside the church while chanting hostile slogans that demanded the demolition of the church.

According to the statement, hundreds broke into the church, destroyed its contents, and beat the Christians who were present.

Security forces arrived and dispersed the mob while the injured were transferred to hospital, the statement added.



Sources explained that prayers have been held for nearly 15 years in the church, adding that church officials had submitted a request to legalize it in accordance to the law.





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