Five Palestinians shot dead in Hebron, Gaza Strip; Israeli police: bombing attack near Jerusalem foiled

Published June 25th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

During Tuesday morning, the Israeli army operated in Hebron, imposing a curfew on the city and raiding the Palestinian headquarters.  


Palestinian security officials said that four Palestinians were killed in an exchange of gunfire at the PA security complex in Hebron. Policeman Ashraf Deib and intelligence officer Mohammed Abu Awad were in the local headquarters when Israeli troops opened fire, also wounding several other people, Palestinian sources said. 


The assault on the hilltop building in Hebron commenced when Israeli troops surrounded the site and exchanged fire with policemen inside. Then soldiers stormed into the building and searched from room to room, Palestinians said, while forces outside used loudspeakers to demand that all the Palestinians inside surrender with their hands raised.  


Palestinian security officials said that the Palestinian security chief, Nizam Jaabri, turned himself in to Israeli soldiers. Additionally, these sources said that Israeli forces arrested 150 Palestinians.  


The Israeli military said soldiers entered Hebron to operate against the"terrorist infrastructure" there. A military statement said a "large number" of suspects had been arrested.  


Reports from Hebron said Israeli tanks also entered Dora and Bani Naim, two Palestinian-controlled towns near Hebron.  


Near Bethlehem, soldiers arrested 11 Palestinians in the village of Beit Fajjar, the Israeli military said Tuesday. In Nablus, city Gov. Nahmoud Alol said Israeli troops entered his six-story apartment building, evacuated two floors and locked residents inside their apartments. 


Elsewhere, Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian near the Karni border crossing in Gaza Strip, after he threw handgrenades at the Israeli position. An Israeli soldier was lightly injured in the incident, according to Israeli media reports. 


Meanwhile, Israeli police arrested a "very dangerous" Palestinian suspect and three other men carrying a bomb in the Beit Shemesh region near Jerusalem, police and local news reports said Monday night.  


Jerusalem police chief Micky Levy told public radio that "a dangerous terrorist and three of his associates, who were preparing a bomb attack in the Beit Shemesh area were arrested."  


"A major catastrophe was avoided. The suspects are being interrogated by Shin Beit (the internal security service) and experts are examining the bomb they were transporting," he said.  


A short time earlier, public television said a "very dangerous" person had been arrested along with several other suspects.  


Israeli media reported in the afternoon "very serious (security) alerts", and said a manhunt was underway in the Beit Shemesh region for suspects who could have been planning a bomb attack in the area. ( 

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