Guardians of The Nile: Egypt, Sudan Prepare to Show Ethiopia a Taste of Force!

Published May 23rd, 2021 - 06:54 GMT
Egypt's armed forces participates in training drill with Sudanese forces
Egypt's armed forces (AFP/File photo)
Sudanese and Egyptian forces will hold the maneuvers dubbed “Guardians of the Nile”

Preparations have been completed for the “Guardians of the Nile” Egyptian-Sudanese training drill, which is due to take place from May 26.

The Sudanese military said that air defense and land forces from both countries would take part in the six-day exercise, which is aimed at exchanging military expertise, enhancing cooperation, and unifying action methods to counter threats.

The “Guardians of the Nile” drill will be followed by a joint naval exercise in the Red Sea.

The joint drills “Nile Eagles 1” and “Nile Eagles 2” previously took place at Sudan’s Marwa Air Base, with commandos and the air forces of both countries participating.

A spokesman for the Egyptian Armed Forces spokesman said troops took part in various training exercises. The initial stages involved regulating cooperation methods and enhancing skills so that the joint air drills could be carried out with high efficiency.

The drills were aimed at executing joint airstrikes to attack enemy targets and protect vital targets, he added, with multi-task fighters taking part.

Commandos carried out raids and camouflage operations, staging special missions and shooting from various positions.

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