Houthi Commander, Others Killed in Battle As National Army Frees New Areas in Yemen

Published July 23rd, 2018 - 10:12 GMT
Houthi rebels shout slogans during a rally in Yemen’s Sana’a. (AFP/ File)
Houthi rebels shout slogans during a rally in Yemen’s Sana’a. (AFP/ File)

A Houthi officer and a number of his companions were killed in a battle with the national army following an infiltration attempt into military bases in Al Wazi'iyah District, west of Taiz.

The national army forces, backed by the coalition supporting the legitimacy, liberated new areas in Hayran, Hajjah governorate, northwest of Sanaa. A number of Houthi militias were arrested by the army as battles continued in Saada, the stronghold of the insurgents.

This occurred at a time when the popular resistance forces waged in the western coast an offensive against the locations and hideouts of Houthis south of Hodeida. They also continued to advance towards Zabid as the Houthis intensified their shelling on residential areas in At Tuhayta to stop the advance of the national army forces.

Simultaneously, coalition fighters targeted insurgent sites in various battlefronts, including the destruction of the Houthi operations center in Marib on Saturday night, which has left casualties within militia ranks.

The Giants Brigades media bureau said in a terse statement that the Brigades killed a Houthi commander called Abou Taha and a number of his bodyguards after they thwarted an infiltration attempt by Houthi militias towards Al Wazi'iyah.

In a related matter, locals in Ad Durayhimi told Asharq Al-Awsat that Arab Coalition forces conducted an air drop of food in areas and villages west of Ad Durayhimi center. The locals said the Houthi militias looted the assistance by raiding the homes of people who had received the aid.

In Hajjah, the national army forces pressed ahead with military operations that were launched last Saturday backed by the coalition in Hayran. 

The army also took control of new areas amid collapses in insurgent ranks.

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