IBQ celebrates Ramadan with Staff Suhour

IBQ celebrates Ramadan with Staff Suhour
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Published August 29th, 2010 - 13:39 GMT

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IBQ staff celebrated a Suhoor gathering yesterday at the W Hotel & Residences Doha. IBQ is co-sponsoring the Ramadan tent at the W and hosts an annual Ramadan event for staff as part of its "Do Good Deeds" campaign.

The Suhoor saw in attendance senior management and personnel from all the bank's departments. Awards for Customer Service Excellence were also distributed to staff, as well as a prize draw.

George Nasra, Managing Director of IBQ said: "Ramadan is the month for solidarity and philanthropy. It is a time where we join together as one family to spread the spirit of the month to all those around us. This annual gathering brings together our cosmopolitan community fusing cultures and traditions under one festive umbrella."

During the holy month of Ramadan, IBQ continued to see an overwhelming response to the Al Yusr Tent at the Mansoura Street which provides daily Iftar banquets for 150 people in partnership with the W Hotel, with volunteers from both organizations at hand.

IBQ has also donated a sum of QAR 20,000 to the Dreimah foundation for the second year as part of its donation drive. Volunteers from the bank recently celebrated the yearly Garangaou tradition with the children at Dreimah foundation and Rumeilah Hospital and delivered gifts. 

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