Hezbollah says it did not intervene in recent Lebanon clashes

Published August 5th, 2014 - 03:41 GMT

Hezbollah Tuesday denied its fighters intervened in the ongoing clashes between the Lebanese Army and militants from Syria in Arsal, and commended the government for its unified stance in support of the military.

"Hezbollah affirms that addressing militarily developments on the ground, protecting civilians and confronting terrorist groups were the exclusive responsibility of the Lebanese Army," Hezbollah said in a statement.

"Hezbollah did not intervene in what happened or is happening in Arsal."

A number of Future lawmakers and some media outlets said the resistance group, already battling armed groups in Syria alongside regime troops, was assisting the Army in its fight against militants in the northeastern town of Arsal.

Hezbollah-backed regime troops have engaged in fierce battles with radical groups including the Nusra Front in Qalamoun, a mountainous region bordering Arsal and other Lebanese towns, in an attempt to root out rebels there.

Hezbollah also praised the unified stand of the government in support of the Army.

“The stance confirms the national consensus on supporting the Lebanese Army in the face of takfiri terror and confronts attempts to sabotage civil peace and violate Lebanon's sovereignty,” the party said.

“ Hezbollah praises local media outlets for deciding to back the Army and refraining from broadcasting or printing anything that might harm the military.”

Meanwhile, the Future bloc blamed Hezbollah for the ongoing events in Arsal, saying the party's role in Syria plunged Lebanon into the conflict in the neighboring country.

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