'The Dutch Rising'? Why Are Netherlands Farmers Protesting?

Published July 7th, 2022 - 07:43 GMT
'The Dutch Rising'? Why Are Netherlands Farmers Protesting?
Netherlands farmers have been protesting for several days. (Twitter: @insidebajwa)
Farmers in the Netherlands have been protesting against a government plan believed to hurt their earnings.

For several days now, Dutch farmers have been taking to the streets in a number of regions across the Netherlands, which has prompted several questions about their motives, the media coverage, and the way the police have been handling the protests.

Several Dutch social media users have been posting photos and videos showing the ongoing protests organized by farmers' groups in the country, following a government plan believed to harm their businesses.

However, in recent days, protests seemed to get more violent than anticipated, especially after reports of Dutch police firing warning shots at crowded tractors and trucks that have been used by protesting farmers to blockade supermarkets' distribution centers in the city of Venlo, to the south of the Netherlands.

While no one has been injured, three protestors were arrested by the Dutch police, according to the Washington Post.

Online people shared videos of supermarkets in Dutch cities, showing empty shelves to prove that farmers' protests are starting to show effect.

Meanwhile, many attacked mainstream media in the Netherlands and Europe for what they described as "ignoring the farmers' protest" to protect EU agendas and policies.

Netherlands Farmers Protesting

Why Are Netherlands Farmers Protesting?

For weeks, Netherlands farmers started protesting against a legislative proposal that aims to lower the production of harmful emissions, such as nitrogen and ammonia, in an effort to further tackle climate change.

The new rule would restrict several farming practices within a year, including cow farming and the use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture, which could eventually result in financial losses on the farmers' part.

Netherlands GDP From Agriculture - Source

In 2020, Agriculture contributed to 1.58% of the GDP of the Netherlands.

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