Is ISIS Back in Egypt? Video Showing Execution of 2 Copts Triggers Fears

Published April 19th, 2021 - 06:58 GMT
Nabil El-Habashy
62-years old Nabil El-Habashy was kidnapped in Sinai several months ago. (Twitter: @EgyptianStreets)

For many years, ISIS's name had been less used when reporting news from Egypt, but the terrorist organization seems to be making a new comeback in the Sinai Peninsula, releasing a video in which its militants executed two Coptic Egyptians and threatened the country's Christian populations with more attacks.

In the video that was shared on Telegram, 62-year old Nabil El-Habashy can be seen as he is shot at point-blank, as militants whose faces were covered threatened the country's Christian population with more attacks, claiming it is "retaliation for supporting the Egyptian army against them."

“As for you Christians of Egypt, this is the price you are paying for supporting the Egyptian army,” the militant who executes the man says in the video.

The 13-minute video has also shown militants killing two Egyptian tribesmen for "fighting ISIS within the Egyptian army."

Ever since ISIS began its attacks in Egypt back in 2014, the Egyptian army had launched a major military operation in the Sinai Peninsula, especially its northern parts where the terror organization is in control. By 2018, officials had announced killing at least 900 militants.

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