ISIS Forgotten Victims Remembered by Iraqi Twitter

Published September 8th, 2022 - 09:20 GMT
ISIS Forgotten Victims Remembered by Iraqi Twitter
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More than 8 years after ISIS stormed parts of Iraq and Syria, killing and abducting thousands of civilians, most territories that were once under the terror group's control have been restored, but peace has not been restored to people in those areas just yet.

Demanding closure for hundreds of Shia Turkmen families in Iraq, online people have taken to the hashtag #انقذوا_التركمانيات_المختطفات (Save the kidnapped Trukem women) to highlight the plight of women who were abducted by ISIS back in 2014, as they took over Tal Afar and other areas in Iraq.

Translation: "Save the abducted Turkmen and all the forcefully disappeared, whether it's ethnic or religious cleansing or crimes against humanity or genocide."

Just like Yazidi women, hundreds of Iraqi Turkmen women were taken as hostages by ISIS back in 2014. Yet, they have not received the same international concern that their Yazidi counterparts received.

Victims of several ethnic and religious groups were the target of ISIS militants as they expanded their control in Iraq and Syria some eight years ago. But the ISIS defeat several years ago has failed to uncover the fate of hundreds of victims who are believed to have either be still kidnapped or killed.

Some online commentators also expressed fears that Turkmen victims may be held in ISIS-run prisons in northern Syria, based on 2019 information.

Trasnlation: "It's been more than 8 years and women are subject to abduction and rape by ISIS. They are being sold and physically abused. Every day demands continue for the Iraqi government to save them. The govt knows where they are but keeps silent. This is all going into Iraqi history."

Families and activists in Iraq have been growing their demands for closure, urging Iraqi authorities to exert every effort to uncover victims' fate and to bring comfort to their families.

Just like Yazidi women, Iraqi Turkmen women were targeted by ISIS, particularly for their different religious beliefs, ones rejected by the extremist group, as they are mainly Shia Muslims.

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