Palestine's First Female DJ Arrested After a Music Concert in The Nabi Musa Shrine Despite an Earlier Govt Approval

Published December 29th, 2020 - 08:06 GMT
Palestine's First Female DJ Arrested After a Music Concert in Nabi Musa Shrine Despite an Earlier Govt Approval
There is no evidence supporting the argument that Moses was buried in this shrine in particular. (Al Bawaba)

Palestinian musician famous for being the country's first female Techno DJ has been arrested on Monday after a social controversy triggered by a music concert she held with dozens of other people in the Nabi Musa shrine near Jericho in the West Bank.

Translation: "Music concern in the Nabi Musa shrine near Jerusalem trigger calls to hold officials accountable"

Taken into custody, Sama Abdulhadi is accused of organizing a music event in the shrine that is considered a holy site for Palestinian Muslims, many of whom believe it's the burial place of the Prophet Moses.

Despite the lack of historic evidence for the connection between the shrine that was built during the Mamluk era in 1269 and the unknown place of burial of Moses, the music concert held there angered many Palestinian social media users, who called on the authorities to impose strict rules on events held in holy sites.

Translation: "In solidarity with Sama Abdulhadi. There is no need to explain or justify anything."

Consequently, the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism denied having approved organizing the controversial event that took place last weekend, saying the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs is the one overseeing the site.

However, a report by Alaraby al Jadeed published screenshots of an official request made by the organizers of the event to the Ministry of Tourism asking to hold an online-concert on the site, as part of the project to promote tourism in Palestine's historical sites amongst fans of Techno music worldwide. The Palestinian government has pledged a full investigation into the matter as it continues to gain momentum on social media platforms.

According to her family, Sama's music project aims to film several music clips in the country's historical sites, including the square outside the Nabi Musa mosque, which isn't part of the holy site.

Translation: "Sama Abdulhadi's family: Sama is working on a Techno music project in Palestine. She is filming video clips in historical sites to be broadcast across the international media. She already obtained the permission of holding the concert from the Ministry of Tourism, stating she will be filming in the square outside the mosque, which isn't under the custody of the Ministry of Awqaf."

In the summer of 2019, the Maqam Nabi Musa site was renovated by the UNDP and the EU's project to support and maintain cultural tourism in the West Bank. 

According to, there is no evidence supporting the argument that Moses was buried in this shrine. Yet, the shrine was built by Mamluk sultan Saladin after a dream he had guiding him to that spot.

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