Pro-Assad Syrians Voted for Him With Their Blood; Literally!

Published May 27th, 2021 - 06:05 GMT
Syrian elections
Elections in Syria have been widely criticised for being "fake". (Twitter: @M_Alneser)

A decade after the Syrian civil war, which was triggered by calls for long-standing Bashar Al-Assad to leave, the now stronger-than-ever Russian-backed president is holding presidential elections; ones that highly unlikely will crown anyone else as president.

Despite many scenes showing Assad loyalists as they flocked into election stations to cast their votes in favor of the president who has been ruling Syria for 21 years, online people have widely criticized the elections, saying they are "fake" and only meant to legitimatize Assad's reign.

Amid the many photos and videos shared on the internet, a few showed a rare scene where several individuals intentionally injured their bodies so they can use their blood instead of ink on the voting card.

Such practices have been meant to show extreme support for Assad, whose loyalists fought along with him during the 10-years old war chanting: "Either Assad or we will burn the country down."

Assad has also come under fire for appearing along with his wife, Asmaa, as they cast their votes in Douma, the former rebel-town his troops attacked with chemicals in 2018.

Despite relative calm across Syria in recent months, millions of Syrian refugees are still living in diaspora around the world, reporting difficulty returning to their homes as they continue to receive threats of detention or torture by Assad supporters.

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