A Parallel Universe? Viral Spanish Tiktoker Says He Lives All Alone in 2027

Published July 19th, 2021 - 05:59 GMT
The account is called 'the only survivor". (Tiktok: @unicosobreviviente)

Becoming a worldwide sensation, a Spanish user of TikTok has attracted millions of views and followers as he filmed through Spain's most iconic spaces while they are completely empty, claiming that he woke up from a coma to find the world around him completely empty from humans and animals and that it is the spring of 2027.


Acabo de despertar en un hospital y no sé qué ha podido pasar. Hoy es 13 de febrero de 2027 y estoy solo en la ciudad.

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Using his TikTok account called @unicosobreviviente, Spanish for "the only survivor," Javier says he can't find any human beings for months and that everything around him says that it's the year 2027. His first video was posted on TikTok on the 13th of February 2021.

Even though viewers have been challenging Javier for months, asking him to go to specific places and film it to make sure his videos are new and were not taken during the 2020 lockdowns in Spain, many people expressed their shock as he walked into a hospital and didn't find any doctors or nurses, considering that such places have never been empty, even during COVID-19 full lockdowns.

Javier continued to freak viewers out when he asked the virtual assistant Amazon Alexa about the date of the day and the answer was the 1st of March 2027. 

Moreover, Javier's visit to the Zoo showed absolutely no animals, despite some birds and flies he could find in some other videos. He also films in airports, shopping malls, sports clubs, and spot no human beings, which continues to astonish viewers and trigger questions over the truth in his claims or whether or not he is living in a parallel universe where humans seize to exist by 2027.

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