Video of a Man Sexually Harassing Woman and Running Her Over Prompts Outrage in Saudi Arabia

Published January 29th, 2020 - 04:26 GMT
Screenshot // Twitter
Screenshot // Twitter

In the viral video, which activists referred to as "misogynistic terrorism", a man is seen making an offensive hand gesture at the woman with his middle finger, driving the car backwards in attempt to run her over, then driving away.

Translation: “Terrorist, sexist, misogynist, shameful, criminal, harasser. Not only did he sexually harass her, he ran her over, which means he clearly has no problem KILLING a woman. He deserves to go to jail, because our laws are obviously not enough to stop men like him from approaching women every day.”

The incident sparked widespread outrage in the Kingdom, which has witnessed countless other cases of sexual harassment and domestic abuse against women in the past few months.

Translation: “Stop misogynistic terrorism.” 

Using the hashtag #متحرش_ياللعار (Sexual harasser, what a shame), women’s rights activists expressed their anger after seeing the video, demanding that the man should be arrested and punished severely for his crime.

Translation: “Thank God these girls are okay. I always see sexual predators like him stalking girls outside schools. We need laws that will stop these monsters. We as females should stand up for our rights and take what we deserve.”

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