Offers and loans without down payments from Nissan and Ahli Financial Leasing Company

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Published December 26th, 2010 - 04:08 GMT

In a constructive initiative worthy of its loyal customers, Bustami & Saheb Trading Co. (BSTC), the exclusive dealers of Nissan in Jordan, entered into a partnership agreement with Ahli Financial Leasing Company, according to which the latter is to extend soft loans to those interested in Nissan cars. The offer became effective as of the 1st of November, this year,

According to the finance scheme, Ahli Financial Leasing company is extending varying loans for the purchase of any Nissan car from Bustami & Saheb Trading Co. (BSTC) respective showrooms, These loans may be ladled as soft loans, simply because no down payments are required, and monthly instalments reach JOD 240, especially on Nissan Sunny 2011, 1600 cc, 116 horse power for manual transmission in addition to the availability of automatic transmission for JOD 260 per month

Ahli Financial Leasing Company, on its part, is offering an assortment of choices that enables interested buyers to purchase any Nissan car they may elect. Loans are structured to be paid in varying monthly instalments, depending on the total amount of the loan and the type and model of the car. On the other hand, settlement of instalments is done either through salary transfer or through monthly banking checks, and amortized over a period of six years.

It is worth noting that these loans are offered to all Individuals whether they were employees and other interested salary bracket categories, with special offers made for corporate and rental companies. Such attractive deals, from Nissan Jordan and Ahli Financial Leasing Company, do also give the opportunity to those interested to exchange their old cars with new ones within the prevailing parameters.

These financial facilities, according to Nissan and Ahli Financial Leasing Company, do not include licensing, registration or insurance fees.

Commenting on this financial development, Mr. Imad Bustami, CEO of (BSTC), said, "We are really delighted to have sealed such a partnership with Ahli Financial Leasing Company. We believe that it is an unprecedented campaign in terms of extent and duration of the facilities extended to our customers. We sincerely encourage them to benefit from those offers and choose the Nissan car they wish to own and enjoy driving."

Added Mr.Bustami ,"I seize this opportunity to thank and commend our partners , Ahli Financial Leasing Company , for their positive and socially appreciated gesture."

It is important to note that Bustami & Saheb Trading Co. (BSTC) is fully equipped with the facilities and professional work force needed to deliver world-class standards and service. BSTC teaming up with NISSAN represents a milestone in the Middle East retailer market. 

Background Information

Bustami and Saheb Trading Co.

Established in 1969 in Amman, Bustami & Saheb Co. – LTD is the exclusive dealer of Nissan and Infiniti in Jordan. It is fully equipped with facilities and a professional workforce that delivers world-class standards and service for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. BSTC represents a milestone in the Middle East retailer market that led to the launch of facilities displaying various car models, a system that deeply incorporates marketing, sales and after-sales, with optimum plans to ensure the maximum satisfaction and protection of its most valuable asset, the customer. With several showrooms and parts and service centers located throughout the Kingdom, BSTC is currently expanding its network. 

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