'You Can't Throw Gaza Into The Sea'

Published August 10th, 2022 - 06:33 GMT
Gaza under fire
Bleeding Gaza (Credit: Anadolu)

This is Israel's fifth war on Gaza no matter how people would like to frame it. Israel first attacked the Gaza Strip at the end of 2008/09, then 2012, 2014, 2021 and now in 2022; this is of course not to forget the frequent bombings of the strip that have occurred over the past years. 

Israel has kept Gaza on the burner through the deadly, frustrating siege it has imposed on the territory since 2007 ever since Hamas took control of the strip and intra-Palestinian factional conflict. Hamas in Gaza was a terror nightmare for Israel and it reacted in the most vile way and begun its siege and embargo of the strip that lasts till today. 

But Gaza has been able to sustain itself through the terrible carnage and tank-gunfire and missiles from the air. The latest three-day vicious attack through planes and missiles from the sea was a reverie of 'we have been here before'. Gazans have always been tough. Men, women, children, young and old – and even their animals have been made of Godly-given special texture, or so the saying goes, to stand the bombardment and the missiles meted out against them. 

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Israel's wars on Gaza has always been made to try to destroy, the militias and political factions of which Hamas (the Islamic resistance movement) and Islamic Jihad had been only two. Of course, Israel has never been able to destroy them despite the military might meted against them. And this has been the case for a very longtime. Once the mighty Ariel Sharon, the former Israeli prime minister, got so frustrated by Gaza that he wanted to "throw it into the sea". He didn't do that but dismantled 17 Israeli settlements from Gaza in 2004. He couldn't guarantee their security. 



That's how tough Gazans were, but from then on the people there, had to pay a price. Israel with its big guns and planes just continued to try beat the living day light out of them through military means but they couldn't do that.   In 2014 for instance Israel's war lasted from 51 days of constant bombing and killed around 2100 people but this was only scratching the surface. Gazans build themselves up despite the 120,000 homes and the mass infrastructure destroyed that would cost between $4-6 billion to rebuild. 

Similarly, Israel transgressed on Gaza in May 2021. That war was more "lame" if such a phrase can be used, lasting for only 11 days thanks to international pressure and efforts by the US administration and states like Egypt to bring about a ceasefire but it was destructive and deadly with 256 dead including 66 children and 70,000 citizens made homeless with 17,000 homes and businesses blasted into smithereens, 58 schools were razed to the ground as well 285 other buildings destroyed.  As well 800,000 Palestinians were left without water as 50 percent of the supply infrastructure was destroyed. 

Its no wounder Hamas, the ruler of Gaza, stood this time on the sidelines while it watched Israel and Islamic Jihad go at each other's throats for three days of deadly mayhem and viewed from afar. Quite rightly so, they didn't want widen the conflict because of Israel's deadly machine and the mass destruction it would create. 

Despite this there was an enormous toll of destruction this time as well. Despite its surgical strikes 45 Palestinians were killed and 360 injured.  “The latest aggression left 18 housing units destroyed, 71 others inhabitable, and 1,675 partially damaged,” Deputy Minister of Public Works and Housing Naji Sarhan told a news conference in Gaza City.


The costs of rebuilding these units will amount to $100 million dollars, monies that may not come since Gaza is already reeling from financial shortfalls as it is yet to find cash for the 2,200 housing units that were destroyed by Israel in its May 2021 military offensive. 

Scale of destruction 

 Israel may have been satisfied with its military offensive this time around because it has killed 12 leading members of its military wing including Taysir  Al Jabari and Khalid Mansour. But these will quickly be replaced by others. Of the total that were killed included 16 children and four women as a result of the Israeli strikes that began on Friday afternoon 5th August, a date that will be remembered for Israel's latest war on the strip.


One of the first to be killed was Alaa Riyadh Qaddoum, a five-year-old. The rest of the children were between four-years-old and an 18-year-old boy but they tell of countless misery as documented on websites and on the social media with images of the heartache. 

Their names will continue to ring alarm bells because of the horrendous of bombs and missiles on different areas of Gaza. Children crying, children in fear, stunned kids in horror and who can't believe what is happening. This is what Israelis would have to live with but do they really care?   I suppose for Israel these are the easy targets, the collateral damage that is acceptable for Jewish leaders which they will continue to make time and again. 


Rockets Into Israel 

In this war Islamic Jihad fired 1000 rockets into Israel reaching 170 targets to as far as Tel Aviv and its surrounding areas. Over 100 rockets were fired at Israel in the first day.  With these amounts of rockets concentrated in three days, the sirens kept hounding Israelis. In one video, it showed beach-makers, in their bikini tops and shorts running off the Tel Aviv sea shore into their homes. 

Its still unequal symmetry with the Israeli military machine against the weapons Palestinian factions have but it shows things are changing.  In its 2021 war on Gaza, Hamas fired over 4000 rockets into Israel with 132 missiles fired on Tel Aviv alone in the first 24 hours of the 11-day war. 

Israeli can argue some of these rockets are faulty and detected by the mighty Iron Dome supplied by the USA but the fact of the matter, the Israeli polity is no longer protected; Its Iron-wall, made up of tall-high cement defense barriers is not doing its purpose but a waste of money that have proved so time and again.


What this war did was create more misery for the Palestinians and hatred for the Israelis and keeping the area on a powder-keg. 

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