Pan Arab Intellectual Property Rights Media Awards 2010 winners announced in Lebanon

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Published May 5th, 2011 - 01:23 GMT

Journalists from across the Arab region who produced outstanding works related to intellectual property rights (IPR) last year were honored during the 2010 Pan Arab Intellectual Property Rights Media Awards held on April 26, 2011 at the InterContinental Phoenicia hotel, Beirut, Lebanon.

The IPR awards ceremony is organized annually by the Business Software Alliance, the world’s foremost advocate for the software industry, to recognize the media’s valuable contributions towards helping to establish a safe and legal digital society across the region. This year, first-place and runner-up winners were again named for each of the award’s ‘Best Opinion Piece,’ ‘Best Investigative Piece,’ ‘Best News Article,’ ‘Best Feature Article,’ and ‘Best Interview’ categories.

The awardees included Manoj Nair (1st) from the UAE’s Gulf News and Ayat Al Feka (2nd) from Egypt’s ICT News magazine for Best News Article;  Reem Al Bariky (1st) from the UAE’s Al Ittihad newspaper and Jehad Al Shawabki (2nd) from Jordan’s Addustour newspaper for Best Interview;  Mustafa Al Safani (1st) from Kuwait’s Al Siyassah and Mohamed Al Ajlan (2nd) from Saudi Arabia’s Okaz Newspaper for Best Investigative Piece; Dana Halawi (1st ) from Lebanon’s Daily Star and Raneem Aabidin (2nd)  from Jordan’s online Khaberni news site for Best Feature Article; and Bashar Abu Liel (1st) from Qatar’s Al Watan Newspaper and Bassem Saad (2nd) from Lebanon’s Future Newspaper for Best Opinion Piece.

“Dissemination is an important aspect of the campaign against IPR violations. The winners have opened the eyes of the region’s residents to the social, economic and moral dangers of piracy and will hopefully inspire more members of the media to support IPR protection across the region,” said Salwa Faour, Director of the Intellectual Property Protection Office in Lebanon’s Minister of Economy and Trade.

“Unsuspecting consumers are at risk of downloading or purchasing counterfeit software that can expose victims to spyware, malware and viruses that can lead to identity theft, loss of data, and system failures, “ said Dale Waterman, Microsoft’s Corporate Attorney for Anti-Piracy for the Middle East and Africa. “According to a global 2010 Microsoft survey, the majority of consumers are calling for companies to produce software that is tougher to counterfeit, and for tools to help them tell the difference between counterfeit and genuine software.  The role of the media in creating awareness about the importance of Intellectual Property Rights, awareness about counterfeit software and the risks associated with using that counterfeit software, is vital.”

“The media are vital partners for reducing the levels of Intellectual Property infringement across the Arab World and have been actively involved in our anti-piracy programs from the very beginning. It is only fitting that we honor their efforts with a ceremony acknowledging that they are indeed making a difference in the Middle East’s IPR landscape,” added Jawad Al Redha, Business Software Alliance Chair, Gulf Region.

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