Published December 26th, 2010 - 15:47 GMT

Sony Gulf is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation, Japan, one of the world's premiere consumer electronics and entertainment companies. Based in Jebel Ali Freeport Zone, it is the regional headquarters of the company for its Middle East and Africa operations.

Sony Gulf's principal businesses comprise: Sony Consumer Electronics, Data Media, Computer Peripherals, Recording Media and Energy (Batteries), Mobile Electronics (Car Audio) and Computer Entertainment products (PlayStation) in more than 40 countries in the region.

Since its establishment in September 1992, Sony Gulf has grabbed a commanding share of the regional market in all spheres of its varied businesses. Sony Gulf's varied product portfolio has, over the years, won immense popularity in the consumer and professional markets in the region making Sony the most sought-after brand in the region due to it matchless quality and impeccable service record.

Sony Gulf closed the financial year 2006 announcing a turnover of over US $ 1 billion in April 2007.

Choosing Jebel Ali Freeport Zone, one of the world's most vibrant Freeport zones, as its base in the region placed Sony in a hugely beneficial vantage point as the free zone laws allow 100 per cent foreign ownership and guarantee exemption from corporate taxes for 50 years. The excellent support from the Dubai Ports Authority and the absence of currency restrictions add to the many advantages. The 27,000 sq. meter warehousing area of Sony in Jebel Ali is one of the largest Sony facilities in the world at present.

Besides stock operations in the Jebel Ali Free Zone Establishment, Sony Gulf spearheads execution of various logistics, sales, marketing, advertising, and after sales customer service activities through its many business partners and representative offices. A network of representative offices in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan, in addition to well over 250 accredited third party service centers, reinforces Sony's presence in the region.