Kinda Alloush demands equality with Safa Sultan

Published June 18th, 2011 - 03:02 GMT
Kinda Alloush
Kinda Alloush

Syrian star Kinda Alloush described the television drama “Matloob Rijal” (Men Wanted) as a light and fun drama that portrays modern Arab family life, focusing on the Arab community in Dubai.

The drama is aired on the Arab satellite channel MBC.

In a statement to the internet website, Kinda said that her character, Nadine, in the drama differs from her real life personality.

Her family and home are more important than her career ambitions, said Kinda.

Kinda’s character separates from her husband and decides not to have children, fearing that it will affect her career as a designer hairstylist.

Nadine said that she objected to the order of her name in the credits of the series, blaming Hatem Ali, producer and leading director of the drama. According to Nadine, she and Ali agreed that her name would appear parallel to the name of actress Safa Sultan in the credits.

The events of the drama revolve around a group of individuals and families, belonging to different nationalities, and their romantic relationships, friendships, and betrayals.


A number of prominent actors and actress from all Arab nationalities took part in the drama. The cast features, from Lebanon, artists Nadine Najim and Najwa Alwan, and from Syria, Jumana Murad, Kinda Alwash, Safa Sultan, Marah Jabr, Hiba Nour and Adnan Abu Shami.

Egyptian artists Ramiz Amir, Fatima Adel and Sameh Abaiti also appear in the drama, and from Jordan actor Wael Najm. Iraqi artist Anwar al Shammari and Moroccan actress Laila Noor are also on the diverse list of leading Arab cast members.

On a different note, Kinda refused to comment on reports about Syrian production companies boycotting her for signing a statement showing sympathy with protesters in Syria, who are calling for a resignation of the current government of President Bashar Al Asad.


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