Influencers; 9 Crucial Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Published April 7th, 2021 - 03:00 GMT
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Instagram has become one of the most popular options for online marketing. (Shutterstock: Mehaniq)

How many times have you purchased an item after seeing an Instagram post promoting it? How many times were you impressed by a new restaurant in town after watching an Instagram story featuring its delicious meals being consumed by a famous person you are following? These are all different ways through which brands have been utilizing the visual platform for marketing purposes.

Over the last year, Instagram's advertisement reach has grown by 5.4%, making it one of the most effective social media networks in the marketing world. So far, records point at about 1.22 billion users of the famous application.

Realizing the importance of online marketing as it has become a source of living for thousands of individuals around the world, influencers are continuously interested in learning and exploring new ways to grow their online presence and draw more followers in, especially as the number of active users viewing their content on a regular basis has been the most important sign of their digital success.

Below, we will take a look at some of the most effective ways through which influencers can increase their online popularity and reach;

1. Using the 'right' hashtags

It is not enough for us to use hashtags that are directly connected to posts' content. Influencers need to stay up-to-date with the most trending hashtags, ones that average users check on a regular basis, so their posts reach new audiences.

Online, a variety of sources provide updated lists of successful hashtags that can help with this mission.

2. Produce relatable content

Due to the abundance of content available online, daily users are becoming increasingly picky about what and whose profiles to spend time and energy scrolling through. This is why influencers need to put extra effort into, not only being creative with visuals and words, but also to make sure that people will be able to relate and connect with their content strongly enough that they decide to follow them.

For example, a growing trend on Instagram currently is promoting "a healthy body image" or "a more natural beauty standard", which average users are finding very easy to click with.

3. Seek partnerships

No matter how linear an influencer's base is growing, it is never a bad idea to receive a few good boosts by establishing partnerships with either other influencers who offer a different type of content, or even competitors.

A funny collaboration video featuring two well-known online personalities is always fun to watch and share.


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4. Send gifts

If your digital activity includes producing items or providing a service, try to offer it to a well-followed personality, such as gifting them a special piece of your work and politely asking them to thank you by a social media post that includes a link or a mention of your main page.

This practice will often bring you a big chunk of their most loyal fans.

5. Go Live

Not only do followers receive instant notifications of your live videos, but people also like to watch the people they follow talk freely in their free time or go about their lives.

But be careful of everything you say during a live stream because one major mistake might cost you hundreds if not thousands of followers, even if it was a joke you did not think through.

6. Plan routine giveaways

Followers LOVE giveaways. They feel special at the thought of being able to receive items from you. Planning giveaways that require them to invite their friends and family to follow your page will pay you back for whatever products you decide to send to them.

This practice can be extra useful if your giveaways feature your own merch, this way you will get them excited about buying your products once they know they are not the lucky winners.

7. Diversify your content format

Some influencers get a little too comfortable posting daily stories on Instagram. But sometimes followers appreciate a good visual post they can share through their own stories. 

Moreover, it is important to stay up to date with new formats emerging every now and then, such as Instagram Reels, which is gaining quite the popularity stories gained when they first came into existence. 

Extra tip: Keep your stories in organized and appealing highlights, because it keeps your followers engaged with your content over time.

8. Use as many languages as you can

This one depends on your target audience. If are interesting in growing your base in diverse communities where more than one language is spoken, it might be important to show respect for everyone, by using their languages. 

9. Go viral for the right reasons

In this day and age, it is easy for people with daring ideas to go viral, but it does not always generate followers, it rather sometimes slashes their numbers.

Through your content, try to join trendy conversations by offering a decent and reasonable voice that can bring you respect and make your content more valuable for your followers, that you become one of their favorites.

How else can influencers attract more people to be interested in what they post online?

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